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GTA stands for Grand Theft Auto and GTA 5 is the latest version of this immensely popular action adventure video game series created by David Jones and Mike Dailly. The gaming series has been primarily developed by Rockstar North and published by Rockstar Games. The first version of this game was launched in October 1997 and its latest Version of GTA 5 was launched in April 2015. All versions of the GTA belong to the genre of action adventure, racing and third person shooter games. It is available on all platforms suitable for gaming and these include Android, Dreamcast, Fire OS, Gameboy (colour and advance included), iOS, Microsoft Windows, MS-DOS ,Nintendo, OSX, Playstation (2, 3 and 4 included), Playstation Portable and the Xbox.

The games in this series are setup in fictional cities named as Liberty City, Vice city or San Andreas. These cities are modelled on the regular American cities of New York, Miami and the State of California, respectively. The Game play (the specific way in which the player interacts with the game) of the series focuses on an open world wherein the player has the full authority and liberty to choose his\her own course of action or mission and progress through the game. The game also provides side action or activities that a player may engage in while attempting to reach his final goal and complete the task at hand. All side activities are also created keeping in mind the thrill and action elements of the game. They aim to provide an adrenalin rush to the player while absorbing him\her into the virtual world of thieves, cops and con artists. One can also use GTA 5 online money cheat to make the most of it.

The series has different protagonists at its centre who attempt to rise through the ranks of the criminal underworld. The adversary or the competitor is a fairly common individual or character who has betrayed the protagonist and his organisation. What ensues then is the classic cat and mouse chase filled with hurdles and stumbling blocks at each level. It is these obstructions that offer the game its real thrill ensuring that the player never has a dull moment. The game also has traces of humour and satire.

The games back ground score and soundtrack features an original score that was researched, created and designed over several years.

As was the case with GTA online money glitch: San Andreas, in GTA 5 as well, Los Santos and the state of San Andreas featured on an island wherein its, distance from the US mainland has not been established. Travel through the cities is mainly done via boat. Races and chases on water using high seed jets and skies, adds an element of sheer exhilarating thrill to the player.

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Grand Theft Auto V is an action-adventure game played from either a first-person or third-person view. Players are required to complete mission made up of linear scenarios that have set objective. It is these objectives that allow the player to progress through the game. Outside of missions, players are free to roam the open world. Set in San Andreas open countryside and in the fictional city of Los Santos, the world of Grand Theft Auto V is much larger in area than the earlier entries in this series. As the player progresses in the game with the GTA 5 best money cheat by overcoming the various hurdles, more game play content is unlocked.

A player has gta 5 money cheat, a melee of firearms and ammunitions available at this disposable to fight with the enemy. Commuting through the city is made faster and more entertaining with the use of new high tech vehicles that were not available in the earlier versions.

The auto aim and cover system can be used while shielding oneself from the enemys line of fire. If the player is hit, his health meter will be reduced and the player will be required to recuperate at a hospital before he can get back into the game.

If players commit a crime, they will be hunt down by law enforcement agencies. This will be indicated by a wanted meter in the head-up display (HUD). The stars displayed on the HUD will be indicative of the current wanted level. As the number of stars increases, the methods employed to catch the player, by the law enforcers will become more aggressive. Eventually, the meter will enter a cool down mode and disappear completely as the player manages to stay out of sight for a significant amount of time. Do more with new GTA 5 money glitch.

The plot revolves around the main protagonists attempts at setting all that was wrong in his life. At the same time, he does not leave any stone unturned in his desire to achieve his goals. The introduction of other protagonists, brings about interesting twists in the plot, thereby allowing a three dimensional structure to the plot

What makes GTA 5 even more enthralling is the fact that the game can be changed and played from the point of view of the various protagonists in the plot. Check out the GTA 5 money glitch to play at ease. This allows more room for innovation and change so that the player is always engaged in the game play and does not lose interest easily.